Qur’aan Memorization Review & Record Book: An Essential Tool for the Student of the Qur’aan: Child & Adult (Student Tools)


Qur’aan Memorization Record & Review Book

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Qur’aan Memorization Record & Review Book

This review & record book can be used to help the one memorizing the Qur’aan, to monitor their progress and review and retain what they have learned whether this is a child in their studies in a full-time, weekend, or evening memorization school or an adult who patiently studies a small portion of the Qur’aan everyday, seeking Allaah pleasure, knowledge of His uncreated words and so knowledge of His preserved and perfect religion.


This logbook was designed with the view of making it simple and easy to record and track a track a child’s progress in memorizing the Qur’aan, both in school and at home. When we were in Yemen, this method of recording the children’s work was often used by Qur’aan teachers in the Masaajid and the schools, as it not only keeps a careful record of all the children’s assignments and grades, but it also encourages the parents to participate and work with their children, and ensures that they are up to date on their child’s progress and grades.

How to use this book:
The book is divided into two sections, one for memorization and one for review.
Each section has columns to record the date, assignment, completion, assessment, parent’s signature, and teacher’s signature. At the bottom of the page is a section for any additional notes from the teacher to the parent or the parent to the teacher.
The book can be used either at home or with a teacher:

For use with a teacher:
Each day, the teacher records the date and the student’s assignments for the day in the appropriate section, either memorization or review. The student takes the logbook home, and the parent must ensure that he completes the assignment before checking the completion box and signing or initialing. The next day, the teacher checks the student on the assignment, records the assessment of how well he has done, and signs or initials.
If the teacher or the parent has any concerns or observations, these can be recorded at the bottom of the page, as well as encouragement or praise for the student’s work.
In this way, the parents are involved and aware of the progress their child is making at school, and can verify that their child did the work assigned to him at home. The teacher benefits from the parents’ involvement, can ensure that the child completed the work assigned to him, and has a record of each child’s progress.

For use at home:
The parent records the date and the assignment for the student, then when the assignment has been completed he checks the completion box, writes the assessment of how well the student did, and signs or initials. Any notes on the child’s progress can be written in the space for additional notes on the bottom of the page as well as encouragement and praise for the work completed.
This is an extremely effective method because all progress and assessments are recorded, the child can see what his assignment is and complete it, and the parent can keep track of all of the work completed in both review and memorization.

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