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  • Where can I join the contests and promotions for book?

    You can find that information here:

    Rules & Conditions regarding our Promotions and Giveaways*

    1. Contests are divided into those requiring a purchase and those which do not. Those which require a normal purchase do not affect or change the price of our products.

    2. Each contest requires that the entrant be truthful and accurate regarding the information submitted.

    3. All entrants are subscribed to our general newsletter at our site and our taalib.com groups or our contacts lists hosted by third party companies such as Twitter or Facebook, only for the taalib.com website.

    4. Winners have (3) three days to respond with information needed to transfer any prizes. When no response is received in that time a secondary winner will be chosen in their place.

     *All taalib.com giveaways comply with the guidelines of the Sharee'ah. Our basic guidelines are  based upon what was mentioned by the guiding scholar Sheikh al-'Utheimeen, may Allaah have mercy upon him, of conditions and guidelines for business contests in several different questions from his "Open Door Gathering" recordings.

Communication & News

  • How do I turn on push notification of updates and sales?

    This can be found here....

  • How do I sign up get the newsletter?

    The information to sign up will be found here shortly inshallaah.


  • Who administers the website taalib.com?
    This web site is developed and managed by Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi with the essential advice and occasional assistance of others Muslims striving to learn and adhere to the Sunnah. The compilers of the current books have been previously blessed to study Islaam for over nine years in Yemen, at the following centers of knowledge: Dar al-Hadeeth Lil 'Ulum as-Sharee'ah in Ma'bar, Yemen, Dar al-Hadeeth in Damaaj, Yemen, & Dar al-Hadeeth as-Salafeeyah in Shihr, Yemen.
  • What is the purpose of this website?

    The purpose of the website to contribute to the spread of truth of the revealed religion of Islaam in every way which our scholars of past and present centuries direct and encourage us towards, as found within the Qur'aan, the authentic Sunnah, and Consensus of the believers in every century, the foundations of which are the understanding and practice of the first three noble generations of this blessed Muslim Ummah.

    This regardless of whatever permissible evidenced based form or format that may take, as well as supporting, defending, and cooperating with the people of faith and Islaam, whomever they may be - whether from the guided scholars, Muslim rulers, students of knowledge, or general Muslims who strive to learn and adhere to the authentic Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah, may Allaah's praise and salutations be upon him, his household, his family, and all those who adhere to his guidance until the Day of Judgment.

  • The differences between the editions of our course books: [self-study/directed study/workbook]
    What is the differences between the editions of the course books [self-study/directed study/workbook]? The majority of these course books all follow our established framework of utilizing three different type print publications that complement each other in various situations. This is a overview of what is found in each type of book or edition.   [Self-Study/Teachers Edition] - all course materials, all appendices, and answer key for all exercises, quizzes and final exam   [Directed Study Edition] - all course materials, appendices, NO answer keys   [Exercise Workbook]NO course materials, NO appendices, NO answer key -only expanded course workbook formatted to facilitate homework and testing   The general advice is that for individual study just order the self-study edition and everything you need is in one book and volume.  This also works well when you will be using the books to teach or review everything verbally, even if in a group setting, but with no written work.   The directed study editions are generally only for group or home study and not intended for use outside of a classroom or study group setting as they lack an answer key. You are able to have children read, complete written exercises, and then assess how much they actually understood, by going over the correct answers from study edition later.   The directed study editions contain the same the quizzes and tests as the workbook. The main difference between the answer/quiz/test area in the directed study edition and that of the workbooks is that:  
    1. a) The questions are completely separated from the text of study
    2. b) there is much more space in the workbook to write all answers, and complete quizzes and tests- and then be able to hand them in the teacher while still having your book to review and study.
      It important to note that the workbook does not contain any study text or material which are part of the main book. It is only intended to be used with one of the main books. Many people use the direct study editions, in situations where the teacher/facilitator has the one self-study copy but everyone else only has directed study editions to be able to read, review, and work on exercises and then write out their answers on separate sheets of paper to hand in to the teacher later, or just review in a group setting and correct together. Others, in a similar situation, get the workbooks and then collect the workbooks to grade, before class, the questions, homework, and quizzes of students completed from the previous chapter before preceding to the next chapter. It is not essential or required to get the workbooks, they just make it easier for both the students and the teacher for reviewing, checking, and testing in a more organized manner. This is especially true for weekend schools or large study groups. And the success is from Allaah alone.

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