30 Days of Guidance: Signposts Towards Rectification & Repentance – [Book 3] Preview

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30 Days of Guidance: Signposts Towards Rectification & Repentance - [Book 3] Preview

This is the preview edition for our publication:

30 Days of Guidance: SignPosts Towards Rectification & Repentance

A Short Journey through Selected Questions & Answers
with Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Saaleh al-‘Utheimeen

This is book three in our 30 Days Series. The importance of this subject has been indicated by many scholars of the Sunah past and present.

This course book  has 30 daily lessons: 

Day 01: How do I work to save myself from Hellfire?‎
Day 02: What should I do, as my society has a great deal wrongdoing and sinning?‎
Day 03: How can I understand what taqwa is, and have it in my life?‎
Day 04: How should I call myself to account as a Muslim?‎
Day 05: What should be in my heart when I intend to do good?‎
Day 06: How can I safeguard my intention for Allaah in everything I do?‎
Day 07: How can I bring myself peace, and build my love for Allaah’s sake?‎
Day 08: When I feel that my emaan has gone down what should I do?‎
Day 09: As a Muslim, how can I make my heart steadfast?‎
Day 10: How can I treat the hardness that I sense in my heart?‎
Day 11: How can I study and memorize Qur’aan more?‎
Day 12: How do I keep my mind from being always distracted?‎
Day 13: How can I deal with the things that affected my practice of Islaam?‎
Day 14: Should I read the fictional writings of disbelievers?‎
Day 15: How do I know if I’m spending my time beneficially?‎
Day 16: How can I stop thinking about the days before I was guided?‎
Day 17: How can I stop smoking for Allaah’s sake?‎
Day 18: How to guard my eyesight from what’s harmful around me?‎
Day 19: How can I change the fact that I’m always thinking about someone?‎
Day 20: How can I handle still feeling bad for my past mistakes?‎
Day 21: How can I fight against the whispers that make me doubt things?‎
Day 22: How do I know if my evil thoughts take me outside Islaam?‎
Day 23: Do my bad thoughts mean I’m a hypocrite?‎
Day 24: How can I wipe away the many wrong things that I did in the past?‎
Day 25: Can I use the money I earned when I was sinful and heedless?‎
Day 26: How can I correct the previous wrongs that I did to other people?‎
Day 27: How can I strengthen my practice of Allaah’s religion?‎
Day 28: How do I know which worldly things I should leave for Allaah’s sake?‎
Day 29: How can I be a sincere worshiper and traveler in this life?‎
Day 30: How can I understand the humiliation upon us as Muslims?‎

The importance of this subject has been indicated by many scholars of the Sunnah past and present.The noble scholar  Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allaah have mercy upon him, mentioned in his work ‘Madaarij as-Saalikeen’,

“The purification of the self or soul and its becoming rectified is dependent upon it being called to account and assessed. There is no purification or rectification nor any possibility of it being brought to a state of well-being except through calling oneself to account. al-Hasan al-Basree, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said, “As for the believer, then you do not see him, in other state except as one who steps forth and confronts himself says: Why did I make such and such statement? Why did I eat such and such food? Why did I go to such and such place? What do I do this thing? What did I engage in that matter? By Allaah, I will not fall into that again, and what is similar to theses statements. He takes himself to account looking at his shortcomings and deficiencies. So that he has the opportunity to try and fix, and rectify them”

Yet this self rectification or purification of the soul must be done in the correct way and upon the correct foundation if it is to be successful. Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allaah have mercy upon him, also stated,

“The true purification of the soul and the self is directly connected to those messengers sent to humanity. Certainly Allaah sent messengers for the purpose of this purification of souls, and commanded them to pursue this, and brought it about through their hands, through efforts of calling, teaching, and guiding the people. They were sent to guide the various nations of the earth.. ...There is no path to truly cure and rectify the hearts except by means of their revealed paths and through their hands as messengers, and through purely surrendering and complying to their guidance.And we seek Allaah’s assistance in our affairs”

The book can be purchased herehttps://taalib.com/4150

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