Surahs al-Kauthar & al-Kafiroon: Easy Explanations (4): Simple Scholastic Commentary of the Noble Qur’aan (Easy Explanations Series)


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    • Simple Scholastic Commentary of Each Individual Verse in Surahs Al-Kauthar & Al-Kafiroon
    • Beginner Level with Surah Information, Overview & Objectives
    • Word For Word Vocabulary & Basic Arabic – English Words Lists

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    This series of books is intended to be one tool to assist us in striving to benefit individually as well as within our efforts to educate our Muslim children, helping us direct and cultivate our hearts, minds, and souls upon the rich guidance of Allaah’s uncreated revealed Book, no matter how little we know, or how far away from it we are.

    The overall series methodology follows the general way of the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah, as the Prophet cultivated them upon the Qur’aan from every aspect, guiding them to make it a comprehensive reality in their lives, both inwardly and outwardly.
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        • Each book in this Easy Explanation Series consists of the following aspects or elements:
        • 1. Basic information about the name and categorization of each surah from a reliable scholastic work
        • 2. Basic information about the subject and objectives of each surah from a reliable scholastic work
        • 3. Display of the full set of verses in clear Arabic script
        • 4. Display of each Arabic verse, with its translation, and word-for-word vocabulary from reliable translations
        • 5. A simple scholastic commentary of each individual verse from acknowledged scholars of adherence to the Sunnah and the Jamaa’ah of Muslims who remained upon the unchanging truth of Islaam as it was first practiced by the Companions and their believers’ way.
        • 6. A basic word list at the end of each surah or set of verses separated into certain simple word types to help familiarize the reader with them within their verses
        • 7. A brief glossary of fundamental key terms related to the Sharee’ah sciences connected to the Qur’aan
        • 8. A simple yet useful thematic overview of the 30th juz’

    The Prophet, may the praise and salutations of Allah be upon him, himself stated as part of a longer authentic narration of a supplication he made to Allaah, {…and make the Qur’aan a spring for my heart and the light of my chest} [Narrated by Imaam Ahmad in his al-Musnad (3712) with this wording, as well as by al-Haakim in his al-Mustaadrak vol. 1/pg. 509] This hadeeth has tremendous benefit for us if we understand its meaning. From those acknowledged scholars of earlier centuries who explained his supplication, was Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allaah have mercy upon him, saying,[al-Fawai’d, pg. 26]
     As for his words {…and make the Qur’aan a spring for my heart and the light of my chest} then just as those seasonal spring rains revive the earth, there can be a similar effect from the Qur’aan upon the life of one’s heart. “


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