A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn his Religion (1): Sheikh Muhammad al-‘Ameen Ash-Shanqeetee


This pocket edition gathers and highlights advice and guidance from Sheikh Muhammad al-‘Ameen Ash-Shanqeetee to the Muslims who are striving to gain knowledge and implement it in their everyday lives.


A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn His Religion (1):
Sheikh Muhammad al-’Ameen Ash-Shanqeetee

Statements of the Guiding Scholars Pocket Edition 1

Translated & Compiled By Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi al-Amreekee

[Available: NOW¦ pages: 70+ ¦ Size: 5×8 soft cover ]


Table of Contents
Introduction of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullah al-Imaam  (for original publication)
Compiler’s Introduction (Pocket Edition)
(1)-Question: If a student of knowledge receives discouragement regarding his efforts from his family, his wife, and some of his close relatives, what will assist him in shielding himself from this?
(2)-Question: What is the proper way for the student of knowledge to act in situations where there is a difference of opinion in knowledge-based issues, in order that unity is maintained between our hearts and conflicts are avoided?
(3)-Question: When there are many issues and various rulings which the student of knowledge must contend, with what is the ideal way for him to correctly comprehend them?
(4)-Question: I am a beginning student of the efforts to seek knowledge, and presently I am come close to the time for my vacation as generally known. And I hope that Allaah will grant me success in utilizing and taking full advantage of it. So I hope to receive from you, esteemed sheikh, an explanation and discussion of some of the guidelines that will assist me in accomplishing that.
(5)-Question: Certainly, there is a need for the student of knowledge to learn the well known excellent manners that are enjoined by the Sharee’ah. So esteemed sheikh, if only you would counsel us as to what is proper for the student of knowledge to strive to achieve in relation to humbleness and the aspects of forbearance of character.
(6)-Question: Is it from the correct methodology in seeking knowledge, for the student of knowledge to combine taking from his scholar with additional study and research, or rather to concentrate on becoming proficient on what is gained from studying with his scholar without combining with it additional research?


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