30 Days of Guidance: Cultivating The Character & Behavior of Islaam – A Short Journey through the work al-Adab al-Mufrad [Directed Study Edition]


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This book is intended for the Muslim individual for:

  1. self-study,  and
  2. for us as Muslim parents in our essential efforts to educate our children within Islam and our ongoing endeavor of cultivating them upon the extraordinary character and behavior of our beloved Prophet.
  3. It is also intended to be an easy to use classroom resource for our Muslim teachers in the every growing numbers of Islamic centers, masjids, and Islamic weekend and full-time schools.

Divided into 30 daily selections of one or more related authentic narrations along with a brief explanations and practical discussions on implementing their guidance in our lives from the well known scholar:

Sheikh Zayd Ibn Muhammad Ibn Haadee, may Allaah have mercy upon him.

Translated & Compiled by: Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi al-Amreekee

Download the free PDF preview today – click on the link below:

30 Days of Guidance: Cultivating The Character & Behavior of Islaam - [Book 2] Preview (3846 downloads)

This is the directed study edition which  includes the entire course, exercises but does NOT contain the answer key. Please purchase self-study edition for individual study.

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This course book  has 30 daily lessons: 

Day 1: Do you understand the nature of Islaam?

Day 2: What do you have that is equal to this world?

Day 3: Are you wealthy?

Day 4: Are you prepared for your reckoning?

Day 5: Are you always working for good while you can?

Day 6: Do you remember the benefit in your difficulties?

Day 7: Which of these two pairs has a greater influence in your life?

Day 8: Whom do you really love and why?

Day 9: Who are your close friends?

Day 10: Do you protect yourself from the harm of others?

Day 11: Are you a miser or someone who is incapable?

Day 12: Do you know the best of supplications?

Day 13: Do you ask Allaah’s protection from your own evil?

Day 14: Do you seek refuge from bad conditions and worship at night?

Day 15: Do you know which trials contain some betterment for you?

Day 16: Do you supplicate for your family as both a parent and as a child?

Day 17: How well do you treat your mother and father?

Day 18: How do you fulfill your responsibilities towards your household?

Day 19: Do you know who the best and worst of Muslim women are?

Day 20: Is your life balanced as was the lives of the Companions?

Day 21: Do you understand how to give the best of charity?

Day 22: How do you spend your money?

Day 23: How many ways of charity and doing good do you practice?

Day 24: How are you towards your neighbors?

Day 25: How do you deal with your own faults and those of others?

Day 26: How do you treat younger Muslims?

Day 27: How do you interact with other Muslims?

Day 28: Do you work to change your bad habits?

Day 29: Do you know the benefits of maintaining family ties?

Day 30: Do you know what things bring you closer to Jannah?

Six separate appendixes:

Course Appendix 1:
What Is Having Good Character With Allaah?
The first appendix from Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Saaleh al-‘Utheimeen, may Allaah have mercy upon him, addresses an important issue which is often neglected in relation to the subject of having good character. This is especially true regarding some of the people of innovation and desires whose concepts of and unbalanced focus upon good character alone reflects a dangerous neglect for the priority of establishing the correct beliefs of worshiping Allaah alone and then establishing that devoted worship inwardly and outwardly. In this appendix, one of the leading scholars of our time establishes without question that the one who establishes good character with the creation while neglecting good character with the Creator is someone of ignorance of the rights of Allaah.

Course Appendix 2:
Brotherly Interaction & The Encouragement Towards Harmony
The second appendix Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee, may Allaah preserve him, discusses many important aspects related to that brotherhood which is established upon the worship of Allaah and firm adherence to the Sunnah. Better understanding some of the objectives and goals of brotherhood enables the striving Muslim to benefit from brotherhood as well as to better benefit his Muslim brothers. It also contains a discussion of some of the shortcomings and obstacles encountered in establishing this brotherhood properly as the noble Companions, may Allaah be pleased with all of them, and first generations of believers did.

Course Appendix 3:
Important Guidelines For Every Muslim In Our Age Of Numerous Trials And Difficulties
The third appendix contains four brief summaries, from well known different scholars, of some of the important guidelines and actions needed by every Muslim who encounters one of the many trials that we regularly face in this age. These four concise lists from four different noble scholars of our time provide an excellent overview of how to protect ourselves and steer ourselves away from falling into trials while others foolishly rush towards them. Certainly having the specific guidance of our scholars of how to protect ourselves from trials and tribulations which would harm us, as well as being able to inform our Muslim brothers and sisters of them, is a tremendous blessing and is connected directly to the behavior and character that a Muslim should reflect in every place and in every situation.

Course Appendix 4
Ten Essential Advices For Guiding Upon the Path of Islaam
The fourth appendix consists of ten advices offered by the noble Sheikh as-Suhaymee , may Allaah preserve him, that he offered to our Muslim brothers in Iraq as well as to the people of the Sunnah around the world. From the issue of having taqwa and giving priority to establishing the worship of Allaah alone in both knowledge and action, to several matters connected to our collective efforts of calling to the religion and shortcomings related to that, these ten advices assist us in strengthening our connection to the authentic pure Sunnah, its principles, and the scholars who explain them.

Course Appendix 5:
The Behavior of Being Hasty to Claim Knowledge & Speak
The fifth appendix addresses the important issue of following the practice of the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah of being cautious and wary to stand up before the people and speak as a person of knowledge before having properly developed steadfastly upon Sharee’ah knowledge. The discussion by Sheikh al-Albaanee, may Allaah have mercy upon him, is based upon his assessment of specific challenges and problems within the overall efforts of those who are calling to the understanding of the first Muslim generations, and a brief discussion of the cure. There is also a small closing addition from one of the young scholars, Sheikh Khalid Ibn Muhammad Ibn ‘Uthmaan, may Allaah preserve him, that helps us understand how the this subject affects us in our present age of digital media and communication.

Course Appendix 6:
15 Essential Fundamentals That Should Be Understood By Every Muslim Living Among Non-Muslims
The sixth appendix from a young scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Mubarak Qadhlaan al-Mazru’ee, may Allaah preserve him, discusses in a very simple way based upon clear evidences from the source texts of Islaam, fifteen principles or essential fundamentals. The understanding of these fifteen fundamentals helps build the character of the Muslim upon the authentic beliefs that enable it to grow correctly, by the permission of Allaah, and then protect it inshAllaah,

The well-known noble scholar of hadeeth Muhammad Naasiruddeen Al-Albanee, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said,

And the reality is, in respect to myself, when I was in my first days of seeking knowledge Allaah, the Most Glorified and the Most Exalted, guided me to understanding the importance of purely worshiping Allaah alone without any partners or associates, and I came to be aware of the state which the Muslim world was living in of being far away from properly realizing this essential worship of Allaah alone. I used to suppose that the problem facing the Muslim world was only their being far from properly understanding the meaning of the statement “La ilaha illa Allaah” ( there is none worthy of worship except Allaah).

However, after some time it became clear to me that there was also another problem which was directly connected to this first fundamental issue, meaning the problem of the Muslims being far from properly understanding the meaning of the statement of tawheed. This additional problem, being that the majority of the Muslims were not truly reflecting the authentic character and behavior of Islaam except to a very small and minimal degree.

(Fataawa Jeddah – Cassette 34)


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