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What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of the website to contribute to the spread of truth of the revealed religion of Islaam in every way which our scholars of past and present centuries direct and encourage us towards, as found within the Qur’aan, the authentic Sunnah, and Consensus of the believers in every century, the foundations of which are the understanding and practice of the first three noble generations of this blessed Muslim Ummah.

This regardless of whatever permissible evidenced based form or format that may take, as well as supporting, defending, and cooperating with the people of faith and Islaam, whomever they may be – whether from the guided scholars, Muslim rulers, students of knowledge, or general Muslims who strive to learn and adhere to the authentic Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah, may Allaah’s praise and salutations be upon him, his household, his family, and all those who adhere to his guidance until the Day of Judgment.


Who administers the website

This web site is developed and managed by Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi with the assistance and contributions of members of his household: Umm Mujaahid Khadijah Bint Lacina, Umm Usaamah Sukhailah Bint-Khalil, and Abu Hamza Hudhaifah Ibn-Khalil along with the advice and assistance of others Muslims striving to learn and adhere to the Sunnah.

We have been previously blessed to study Islaam for overr eight years in Yemen, at the following centers of knowledge: Dar al-Hadeeth Lil ‘Ulum as-Sharee’ah in Ma’bar, Yemen, Dar al-Hadeeth in Damaaj, Yemen, & Dar al-Hadeeth as-Salafeeyah in Shihr, Yemen.


What are the guidelines for usernames at

For information regarding why we have conditions regarding usernames please read the following article:

Beneficial Advice from Sheikh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Bura’ee Regarding The Use of Actual Names on the Internet & Advice

All accounts require accurate valid first and last name to register, this is DIFFERENT than your user name. Please refer to the following:

GUIDELINES FOR YOUR USERNAME. It is required that to register an account for that you use one or more of the following to construct an acceptable and valid user name, after entering your real first and last name:

1) your actual name: first, last or possibly a combination of the two – (also possibly in combination with numerals as a specific name may already be in use) or

2) your kunya -patronym or matronym i.e. often nickname taken from ones eldest child male or female -(again in combination with numerals if needed)

3) you can also add to this an accurate and legitimate attribution of country, city, state, or region, etc. -(i.e. Al-Misree or similar) to distinguish your account name

There is some flexibility in how this can be done but it still must basically conform to the above, and contain identifying information about you. Your registration enables access to our website and signs you up for our General Newsletter. Additionally, if you use this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. Taalib al-Ilm Educational Resources reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in their sole discretion without explanation.

If you visit as a registered user or make purchases at Taalib al-Ilm Educational Resources, you accept these conditions related to whatever way you use the site. Users will be sent a copy of site terms and section guidelines upon enrollment or use of the site.


Where do I find information about your promotions & giveaways?

You can find that information here:

Rules & Conditions regarding our Promotions and Giveaways*

1. Contests are divided into those requiring a purchase and those which do not. Those which require a normal purchase do not affect or change the price of our products.

2. Each contest requires that the entrant be truthful and accurate regarding the information submitted.

3. All entrants are subscribed to our general newsletter at our site and our groups or our contacts lists hosted by third party companies such as Twitter or Facebook, only for the website.

4. Winners have (3) three days to respond with information needed to transfer any prizes. When no response is received in that time a secondary winner will be chosen in their place.

 *All giveaways comply with the guidelines of the Sharee’ah. Our basic guidelines are  based upon what was mentioned by the guiding scholar Sheikh al-‘Utheimeen, may Allaah have mercy upon him, of conditions and guidelines for business contests in several different questions from his “Open Door Gathering” recordings.


How do I....? (3)

Can you tell me more about Umm Mujaahid, the compiler of several of your publications?

The compiler of several of our publications and a teacher of our online classes, Umm Mujaahid Khadijah Bint-Lacina, was raised in a small town in the heartland of middle America. She graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin only a short time after embracing Islaam and starting to live her life as a committed Muslim.

She has been blessed with eight Muslim children she is committed to raising, and is regularly involved in various endeavors to benefit herself, fulfill the responsibility to her household, as well as her community and this blessed Ummah. Additionally, she has, in the years before traveling overseas to seek knowledge of this religion, previously run two successful small business enterprises from home – despite her main occupation as a Muslim mother and wife.

By Allaah’s mercy she has been studying Islaam and the Arabic language generally since the time she embraced Islaam almost twenty years ago, and both of these subjects intensively for the past nine years from scholars and students of knowledge in the various centers of learning in Yemen and through the books and recorded lectures of the scholars of the Sunnah from throughout the world. Related to her studies in Arabic, she successfully completed two independent study seminars from the Islamic University of Medina while in the United States before having been blessed with the opportunity to study in Yemen. After beginning her language studies in Yemen with the well-known University of Medina Arabic language series through a private tutor, she then built upon this with the study of related classical works of Arabic Grammar when she started studying at Dar Al-Hadeeth in Mab’ar as well as other recommended works with a focus on works related to the fundamental beliefs of Islaam. 


She later was blessed to continue her studies of this deen for three years in Dar Al-Hadeeth in Damaaj where she benefited from several excellent teachers. Among them was her daily class with Umm Salamah, may Allaah preserve her, previously the wife of Sheikh Muqbil, with whom in daily study she completed the work Bulugh al-Maram with the exception of two individual chapters due to illness. There she also benefited from the weekly class of the daughter of Sheikh Muqbil, Umm ‘Abdullah, and from the lectures of well-known scholars of Ahlis Sunnah throughout Yemen who would come to address the students at the center. She was also blessed to teach classes in Damaaj, Sana’a, and Shihr, and plans to continue to do so now that she has relocated back to the States, and the success is with Allaah. She has always striven to benefit from the people of knowledge in every city where her family resided in Yemen, while always making her home the center of her efforts to both study and teach this perfect religion. Additional details can be found here:

May Allaah forgive us, her, and all the Muslims their errors and shortcomings, and guide us to every matter of belief, statement, and action that pleases Him alone.


How do I register at

We have not enabled registration at this site for some time, due to security issues. But alhamdulillah, our new updated version has resolved that issue. We hope to be able to enable registration again soon in the near future and the success is from Allaah.

Until that time please use the independant registration through our WizIQ page to receive email,  or simply link your account to our Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Pinterest, or Google + Pages to receive updated information there.


How do I only get the newsletter?

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