What If A Muslim Intends Something Else With His Worship

What If A Muslim Intends Something Else With His Worship

Source: Sheikh Saaleh al-Fauzaan



السؤال: ما معنى الإخلاص وإذا أراد العبد، بعبادته شيئا آخر فما الحكم؟


الجواب: الإخلاص معناه، السلامة من الشرك أن يكون عمل الإنسان، ونيتهُ وقصده خالصين لوجه الله عز وجل ، ليس بهما شرك وليس بهما رياء ولا سمعه، وليس بهما قصد لغير الله عز وجل لا يطلبُ بذلك دنيا، أو ثناء من الناس فيكون العمل خالصاً لوجه الله عز وجل، لأن الله لا يقبل من الأعمال، إلا ما كان خالصا لوجه سبحانه وتعالى.



What is the meaning of ikhkaas (sincerity), and what is the ruling if the servant intends something else with his worship?”


The meaning of Ikhlaas is safety from shirk such that the person’s actions, intentions and objectives are sincerely for the Face of Allaah azza wa jal. In regards to these things there is no committing of shirk, nor is there showing off to be seen or heard, and there is no objective other than Allaah azza wa jal, and one does not seek the dunya or praise from the people with that (i.e. with his actions). So the actions are sincerely for the Face of Allah azza wa jal; because Allaah does not accept any actions except for what is done sincerely for His Face subhaanahu wa ta’ala.




  1. From the Sheikh’s website http://www.alfawzan.af.org.sa/node/15415 
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