Fifty Scholastic Observations Regarding The Muslim Brotherhood [02 of 50]

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Sheikh Sheikh ‘Abdullah an-Najmee, may Allaah preserve him, said,

‘2 – The Muslim Brotherhood group and organization is very weak in understanding and applying the Sharee’ah guidelines of allegiance and association with the people of guidance, and separation and disassociation from the people of misguidance for the sake of Allaah and His religion. This is historically shown in their writings, statements, and their practical interaction with others. It is reflected in their open affirmation of other religions as valid heavenly religions in contradiction to the clear texts of the Qur’aan, as well as their affirming of the legitimacy of various conflicting sects within the Ummah including extreme sects whose misguidance has reached the level of disbelief in Islaam. This is in contradiction to positions consistently taken by the leading scholars of every century beginning with the Noble Companions, may Allaah be pleased with them all, who fought against the beliefs and activities of the differing groups and sects such as the astray Khawaarij.

(From his work ‘A Gathering Of Scattered Observations Which Have Been Written Regarding The Muslim Brotherhood’) 1



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  1. Translated by Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi
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