The World Of Islaam: Masjids (1): A Picture Book of Masjids Around the World!


This picture book has twenty four artistically rendered images of various masjids through the world. Travel throughout the different lands and see masjids which reflect the beauty and universality of Islaam. This book has received the “Halal Choice” designation.


Islaam is often thought of as solely a Middle Eastern phenomena. This is patently untrue, as Islaam has truly spread throughout the world. Teach your children about the universality of Islaam by showing them some of the beautiful houses of Allaah that have been built all over the world with this small picture book. Travel to Brazil, Chile, Mali, Austria, Jordan, America, China, Russia and many other destinations.

This is a helpful addition to any geography curriculum, as one could build whole units of study out of each location, using additional material to learn about how Islaam spread there, how the people dress, what they eat, and more, insh’Allaah. A map is found in the beginning of the book to provide a handy, quick reference to the parts of the world in which each masjid resides. Contains twenty-four photographs in addition to the map.

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