The Belief of Every Muslim & The Methodology of The Saved Sect [Directed Study Edition]


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Compiler’s Introduction 014
Course Question Map 064
Section 1: Etiquettes & Pathways of Knowledge
Lesson 01: Three Important Levels In Learning & Conveying Knowledge
Lesson 02: Important Manners When Seeking Knowledge
Lesson 03: Essential Study Skills
Lesson 04: Accepting Rulings & Required Evidence
Lesson 05: Submission To The Truth & Differing
Lesson 06: Correct Obedience & Following Others
Quiz 1- For Lessons 1-6 1

Section 2: Worshiping Allaah Alone & the Meaning of Worship
Lesson 07: Fulfilling Our Purpose in life
Lesson 08: The Only Foundation for Rectification
Lesson 09: The People Of Tawheed & Those Who Oppose Them
Quiz 2- For Lessons 7-9

Section 3: The Signposts of Rectification & A Scholar’s Guidance
Lesson 10: Those Saved By Adherence To The Sunnah
Lesson 11: Seeking Success For This Ummah
Lesson 12: Lessons From The Life Of A Scholar
Final Exam- All Course Lessons
Course Answer Key

Course Appendices

Course Appendix 1:
A Simple Overview Of The Categories Of Knowledge Obligatory Upon You
Course Appendix 2:
Essential Advice For The Muslim Who Starts Seeking Knowledge When Older
Course Appendix 3
Dealing With Difficulties With Your Family When Seeking Knowledge
Course Appendix 4:
Don’t Become Discouraged When The Results Of Knowledge Come Slowly
Course Appendix 5:
Compare Your Use Of Time To This Excellent Scholarly Example
The Nakhlah Educational Series

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