Al-Waajibat:The Obligatory Matters Sisters Course



Al-Waajibat:The Obligatory Matters Sisters Course

“It is obligatory upon the Muslim to understand all of the matters of his religion, both of belief and that which is legislated. With that, he learns the matters of ‘aqeedah, and that which it makes obligatory, and that which opposes it, and that which completes it, and that which makes it deficient until his ‘aqeedah is the correct, sound, ‘aqeedah. And it is obligatory upon him to learn the rulings of his religion concerning actions until he performs that which Allaah has made obligatory upon him and leaves that which Allaah has forbidden him from, with insight. (al Muntaqa, Vol 1, Page 310)
As if our knowledge is not sound, then the actions which follow will not be sound. As Sheikh Fauzaan says,

“If the ‘aqeedah is correct, then the legislated actions are correct. And that which is not based upon the correct ‘aqeedah, then the actions will not be correct.” (al Muntaqa, Vol 1, Page 301)

al-Waajibaat is a compilation of quotes and concepts from Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahaab, alhamdulillah, that builds a firm foundation for further study of our beautiful and complete Islamic ‘aqeedah.

The class will last from 25 – 30 weeks starting , September 20 depending upon how quickly we cover the lessons in the book, which can be purchased here. The class will also include a forum in which to discuss matters related to the class, as well as homework and any projects that may be assigned.

In the past we have not charged for this class, but at this time we are asking for a small fee of $75.00 for the entire course in order to cover the expenses related to offering classes through Taalib. If you are unable to meet the expense of the class, please contact us and we can discuss the matter, insh’Allaah. The cost of the course does NOT cover the cost of the book, which must be purchased separately.

Must meet a minimum number of students for the class to be held. If minimum is not met, your money will be refunded. Insh’Allaah spread the word!

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