al-Waajibat:The Obligatory Matters- Self Study/Teachers Edition [softcover]


An essential guide for the Muslim who is striving to learn his religion. This edition contains the answers to the questions, quizzes and tests, and is meant for the teacher or the person who is studying the work on her own.








NEW 2nd Edition includes Certificate of Course Completion with book!

As Muslims we have to understand that Islaam is a complete way of life for us. It is a guide for us, perfected by the Lord of the Worlds, and it is upon us to learn about it, and to follow it as best as we are able. In this explanation of a compilation of points by Sheikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahaab, we begin the journey towards understanding many important concepts of Islaamic belief, and how we can implement them in our everyday lives, such as the answers to the questions we will be given in the grave, the meaning and conditions of ash-shahadah (the testification of faith), the meaning of at-tawheed (singling Allaah out for worship), and what exactly are those things which are worshipped other than Allaah.

The book is designed to facilitate a systematic study of the text by a single student, a group, or a class situation, and includes lesson questions, quizzes, and exams.

This is Self Study/Student edition INCLUDES  an answer key for quizzes and tests.

What it is Decreed that Every Male and Female Muslim Must Have Knowledge Of
-from the statements of Sheikh al-Islaam Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahaab

(A Step By Step Course on The Fundamental Beliefs of Islaam- with Lesson Questions, Quizzes, & Exams)

Collected and Arranged by Umm Mujaahid Khadijah Bint Lacina al-Amreekiyyah

(Umm Mujaahid is a student of knowledge who has previously studied at Dar al-Hadeeth in Mab’ar- Yemen, Dar al-Hadeeth Damaaj- Yemen, and Dar al-Hadeeth in Shihr -Yemen)

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Publishers Introduction
Compilers Introduction

Text of al-Waajibaat
Lesson One: ‘Aqeedah: What is it, Why is it Important, How Do We Understand it
Lesson Two: Who is your Lord?
Lesson Three: What is your Religion?
Lesson Four: Who is your Prophet?
Lesson Five: Two Principles of the Religion
Lesson Six: Meaning and Conditions of ash-Shahadah
Lesson Seven: The Conditions of ash-Shahadah
Lesson Eight: Proofs for the Conditions of ash-Shahadah
Lesson Nine: Proofs for the Conditions of ash-Shahadah, Cont
Lesson Ten: From the Things which Nullify One’s Islaam
Lesson Eleven: From the Things which Nullify One’s Islaam, Cont
Lesson Twelve: From the Things which Nullify One’s Islaam, Cont.
Lesson Thirteen: Explanation and Categories of at-Tawheed
Lesson Fourteen: Associating others with Allaah: The Major Shirk
Lesson Fifteen: Associating others with Allaah: The Minor Shirk
Lesson Sixteen: Disbelief and its Categories
Lesson Seventeen: Disbelief and its Categories, Cont.
Lesson Eighteen: Hypocrisy of Belief
Lesson Nineteen: Hypocrisy of Action
Lesson Twenty: That which is Worshipped other than Allaah
Beneficial Reminders from our Study of al-Waajibaat
Answer Key
Publisher’s Addendum: The Nakhalah Educational Series: Mission and Methodology


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