al-Waajibat:The Obligatory Matters- Exercise workbook [softcover]

This is the Exercise workbook intended to be used with the Self Study/Teacher’s edition, and cannot be used alone.

As Muslims we have to understand that Islaam is a complete way of life for us. It is a guide for us, perfected by the Lord of the Worlds, and it is upon us to learn about it, and to follow it as best as we are able. In this explanation of a compilation of points by Sheikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahaab, we begin the journey towards understanding many important concepts of Islaamic belief, and how we can implement them in our everyday lives, such as the answers to the questions we will be given in the grave, the meaning and conditions of ash-shahadah (the testification of faith), the meaning of at-tawheed (singling Allaah out for worship), and what exactly are those things which are worshipped other than Allaah.

[Available: NOW¦ pages: 100+ ¦ Size: 7.44×9.25 soft cover  ]

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