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CLASS: Tutoring and Small/Custom Classes – 1440 / 2019

Tutoring and Small/Custom Classes


Assalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Sisters, are you wanting to study a specific subject or book in a one on one or small class setting? This is the way to go. ‎Classes taught this way in the past include:

  • seerah,
  • Names and Attributes of Allaah,
  • al-Bayquniyyah,
  • al-‎Ajroomiyah,
  • all levels of Arabic,
  • herbs and health,
  • and more. ‎

Possible subjects: Hadeeth studies, fiqh studies, Arabic, aqeedah, seerah, raising of children, character and behavior, and more

Cost: varies
Time: Varies
Beginning Date: Varies

Contact Umm Mujaahid at for more information or to enroll, insh’Allaah.


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