In regard to their belief and methodology…

Sheikh Sadeeq Hasan Khaan al-Qanoonee al-Bukhaaree, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said,

‘As-Sama’anee stated: ‘And from those things which indicate that the ‘people of hadeeth’ are upon the truth is that certainly if you were to bring all of their authored works – the first of them to the last, the oldest of them and the newest, along with the differences in their lands and ages, the distances between where they reside, and that every one of them resided in a different country, is that in regard to their belief and methodology they are upon a single path and way, and upon a single methodology. You find that they are upon a single path that none of them deviate from and none turn away from.

Their hearts in this are like a single heart, and their transmission of knowledge is unified such that you do not see true differing or true separation in any matter which they have stated. Rather, if you gather everything which has come from their tongues and what they have transmitted from the first generations, you would find that it is as if it has originated from single heart, and come from a single tongue. Is there in truth, anything which is more evident than this?’’ 

(From ‘A Guide for the Student Towards the Superior Pursuit’ Imaam Sadeeq Hasan Khaan al-Qanoonee al-Bukhaaree: page 58) 1 


  From ‘Statements of the Guiding Scholars of Our Age Regarding Books and their Advice to the Beginner Seeker of Knowledge’  


  1.  Translated by Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi 
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