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Women’s Arabic Course [Beginner – Intermediate] Starting 8/13/15


This class starts August 13th.

The students in this class have completed Madina Book One and will be beginning with the second book in the series. The class is taught using many supplemental materials in various areas, including Islaamic sciences, and focuses on complete Arabic mastery including writing, speaking, understanding both written and spoken Arabic, conversation, grammar, morphology, translation, and more. There is no set time limit on the class; rather, it is ongoing and changing to suit the needs of the students. Class participation is encouraged and expected in order for the student to get the most out of the classroom experience. This class moves more slowly than the advanced/intermediate class. Class size is limited, so sign up early, insh’Allaah.

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 – 11:30 am CST

To register click here 

If you have already paid the course fees and are registered at WizIQ, the course page here:


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  1. Safa says

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh

    I was hoping to find out if there is a class fee for the arabic class and also what time it would be from and until.
    Jazaki Allaahu Khair.

    1. Abu Sukhailah says

      Wa ‘aleikum assalaam wa rahmatAllaah,
      Wa jazak, wa feekum barakAllaah, you can find all the information about the Arabic course fees here:

      This is a continuation of a paid course that began last year, with students regularly enrolling. You can find further information about the regular free classes and lectures at .

      1. Abu Sukhailah says

        As a follow to an earlier announcement, we can no longer host the free classes on WizIQ due to changes they have made. But we are working to setup an alternative inshAllaah.

  2. Bayyinah says

    As Salaamu Alaikum, I would like to know what are the requirements for your beginners class? Kitab as Asassi In Madina Book 1 what will be the days and time for that class?
    Barakallah Feeki

    1. Abu Sukhailah says

      Wa aleikum assalaamu wa rahmatAllaah, further information will be posted on the shop page in the upcoming week inshAllaah. Wa feekum barakAllaah.

  3. Aminah says

    As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu…
    are the arabic classes online only??

    1. Abu Sukhailah says

      Wa aleikum as-salaam wa rahmatAllaah wa barakatuhu,

      Yes the Arabic classes are online live interactive classes through WizIQ system with with Umm MUjaahid as the instructor. Additional materials are uploaded at class time or prior to class. You can further information here inshAllaah. JAzakAllaahu khair.

  4. Nikiya-Star Conner says

    Assalamu alaykum,

    I would like to take the beginner Arabic course. The description for the above course states that it is a beginner friendly course that will be using Madina Arabic book 1. However, when I click on the link for registration the description says that this course will use book 2. I want to make sure I am signing up for the correct course.

    Jazakhallahu Khair

    1. Abu Sukhailah says

      I apologize for the confusion. That update was incorrect description for a second class, not the one above which is a continuation of a previous class with the many of the same students from before Ramadhaan. We hope to open the second class for Book 1 beginners if enough people are interested inshAllaah. All the information and the process should provided in a new post soon about all the classes soon inshAllaah. Please feel free to send an email directly to if you have any further questions.

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