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99 Characteristics Of Various Misguided Groups In The Muslim Ummah -05

This entry is part 5 of 23 in the series 99 Characteristics Of Various Misguided Groups

05. Among these groups are those who preoccupy themselves by requesting solely from the governments in Muslim lands that they implement the Islamic system and Sharee’ah without also seeking that from the members of that society who are individually distant from many aspects of Islaam in belief and practice. This call has instigated the rulers against some of the callers to Islaam and been the cause of their harassment, imprisonment, and even killing. Rather, what they should have done is given priority and importance to the cultivation and education of the individuals and the guidance of society in general, before anything else, along with the giving advice to the rulers with wisdom and sound admonitions.

The above points are taken from  the work:

30 Days of Guidance: Learning Fundamental Principles of Islaam – Sheikh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullah ar-Raajhee [Self-Study/Teacher’s Edition]   

The source was an appendix to the small work “The Methodology of the People of the Sunnah and Adherence to the Jama’ah in Calling to Allaah.” by ‘Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Saaleh al-Ma’taar (Published by Dar Ibn Jawzee, Cairo 1425)
with an introduction by the esteemed guiding scholar Sheikh Saaleh Ibn Fauzaan al-Fauzaan, may Allaah preserve him.

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  1. Yasrin Akhtar says

    Asalaamu alaykum. This concerns ukhty Um Mujahid. Please may I have an email or contact number I would really like the opportunity to seek knowledge from her privately or in a small group please.

    Walaykum asalaam
    Yasrin Um Muhammad

    1. Abu Sukhailah says

      Wa aleikum assalaam wa rahmatAllaahi wa barakatuhu, Please check the notices on the WIZIQ page for more information about current classes:

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