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What The Muslim Brotherhood has brought to the Muslims


Source: Sheikh Rabee’a Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

The Result of Their call to Jihaad! Jihaad!

… Since the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood organization they have raised the call for jihaad- jihaad, the establishment of the Islamic state, and the establishment of the Islamic Khaleefah. Yet the Muslims have only degenerated further through what they have put forth with their hands, and have moved further backwards to a worse state of subjugation and backwardness from what they have produced. This is something which is truly seen with great regret, because they claim to be callers to Islaam, and strivers in jihaad in the name of Islaam. But sorrowfully, they have not increased the Ummah in anything but destruction. They have put forth the youth of the Ummah upon a golden platter as a gift to its enemies, as is said- to the American government and to the Russian government, who have slaughtered them as one slaughters chickens. They have thrown them into battle in this pitiful way, without preparing them with a foundation of correct beliefs, nor without anything at all that they could truly use as a weapon to fight with.

Allaah, the Blessed and the Most High has legislated jihaad for this Ummah, but only if the Ummah stands worthy and qualified for jihaad due to the sound beliefs that it holds, due to the strong state of its men, and the strength of character it reflects in its affairs. This in addition to it being far away from materialism as well as blind militarism for its own sake; as individuals upon these last two possess neither the correct beliefs, nor a sound methodology, nor any provision that would enable them to engage in such a struggle. Yet those upon the methodology of this organization say jihaad! jihaad! which in the present state is only calling to the ruin of the Ummah.

Comfortable Positions & Wealth While Others Sacrifice

Moreover at the same time, the people within this organization are those who relish and savor comfortable positions, wealth, food and drink while others besides them continue to sacrifice for their false slogans and their artificial clamor and shouting. And these many sacrifices continue to be given from the sons of the Muslims for the sake of these bankrupt slogans and empty calls. Therefore it is upon the Ummah to return back to the Book of their Lord and the Sunnah of its Prophet, such that they stand as a balanced and middle Ummah as Allaah informed us, and as Allaah, the Blessed and the Most High, described us- so that they can indeed be the best Ummah brought forth for humanity. By this return, by recovering that position with Allaah the Most Glorified and the Most Exalted, nobility and honor will return to this Ummah. As by Allaah, these false slogans will never benefit this Ummah. Rather, they only increase it in its state of deterioration and ruin, and further its condition of humiliation and disgrace.

For this reason the Muslims must comprehend the true source from where their honor comes from, as well as additionally recognizing the sources that continue to lead to their destruction; and then distance themselves from those sources and causes of destruction. And from the causes of this destruction is this extremism we witness and indeed much of this extremism is contrived and, by Allaah, only theatrical.

Likewise they must recognize the source of their honor and hurry towards it and cling to it with their molar teeth, cultivating themselves upon this and steadfastly raising a generation upon this, so that Allaah will bless them with the realization of that same reality which He granted to their noble predecessors. 1

What They Accomplished In Afghanistan

“…We had criticized this (Northern) coalition and held that they were a disgrace which was born from the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood organization who have propagated their disgraceful ways and involved themselves in scandals from the east of the earth to the west.

This is an organization which has not established any Islamic state, and they have not even reached their present positions in the various parliaments and democratic assemblies, except by making alliances and coalitions, inspired by Shaytaan, with the various groups of Shayaateen from the secularists, and Communists and others. They have not succeeded in establishing any government or state administration except that Allaah exposed those disgraceful compromises and deals they engaged to reach those positions- arrangements which are clearly incompatible with Islaam.

In Afghanistan those upon the way of the Muslim Brotherhood are the ones who directed this coalition. Such that it was seen that from those Muslim Brotherhood branches in these other countries, here, in Egypt, and other countries, we did not hear a single word from them censuring and disapproving the formation of this pitiful alliance which we have mentioned. A coalition made up of Communists, individuals of apostate sects, and supporters of the government of apostate Raafidhah, from the land of the Magians. This Northern Alliance has existed for five years, and this is something confirmed by their previous leader, Ahmad Shah Masood, when he traveled to Europe. And it is enough to indicate his true orientation that he sought assistance and aid from these various misguided disbelieving groups. It is enough of an indication that he went to Europe seeking the help of the European Union and seeking the help of the American government in fighting against the Taliban and working to liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban, meaning from those aspects and practices of Islaam that had been established at the time.

The Muslim brotherhood, meaning every affiliate or branch of them, never left or altered this supportive position towards this Northern Alliance, as we never heard from them any approval of any matter related to the Taliban. Rather when we have had discussions with some of them, they only defended and defended this wicked alliance, until the final events and then they quickly changed their apparent position and stance. And Allaah knows best whether this change was simply political maneuvering as I believe, not something due to any sincere belief, or due to a methodology that they hold, or a change which came about due to the fear of Allaah. Because this new position is only based upon cunning political maneuvering by which they simply intend to defend or protect those terrorists in Afghanistan; and they placed the Taliban in front of them as a shield solely for this purpose.

Their Efforts to Drive People Away from the Scholars

Their general practice is to always direct statements against and speak negatively about the scholars of Islaam, why did they remain silent this time? We put that question to them. Why have you remained silent, not speaking at all for five or six years about the issue of this Northern Alliance? This corrupt alliance which is composed of those various groups and parties we mentioned. As it is from their practices that when an individual or group opposes them, they rouse the entire world and direct it against them. So we would ask them: Have you roused the entire world and directed it against this Alliance? Why havent you filled your newspapers with articles about them, and placed numerous articles on your internet sites, as is said- and produced programs on your satellite channels, and so forth within all the rest of the various forms of media? Have you done any of this? So why do you now all of a sudden, out of the blue, have tremendous enthusiasm for the Talibaan?

The individual of insight who examines the matter critically understands perfectly the objectives and the significance of this playing around and maneuvering they engage in. It is by Allaah, the way they see the religion, and how they seek to worship Allaah. Clearly, they only intend to protect, before anything else, those terrorists whom the American government was pursuing, as well as to aim their sights against those standing upon the way of the first generations, before anything else.

Historically in relation to the affairs in Afghanistan, those who stand upon this methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood have always attacked and moved violently against those who adhered to the path of the Salaf in Afghanistan. They assassinated Sheikh Jameel ar-Rahman and uprooted the regional Salafee Islamic government he established. A regional government which had returned the peoples affairs to the time of the Companions of the Prophet, which truly practiced Islaam, in both its beliefs and methodology. They, meaning the companions of Sheikh Jameel ar-Rahman, enjoined the good and forbade wrongdoing, leveled elevated graves used for worship, and so on from praiseworthy actions. Yet those upon the way of the Muslim Brotherhood leap upon them to bring them down, handing a victory to those upon the practices of falsehood, associating others with Allaah in worship, misguidance, and innovation in the religion present in that land.

The Result of their Efforts in North Africa

Then they changed the focus of their efforts elsewhere, and began to instigate tribulations in Algeria, while still striving to tear down efforts of the call to the way of the first three righteous generations. The result of which was only the bringing of ruin to the people of Algeria, such that the number of them who were killed reached a number that exceeded a hundred thousand people. And they still to this day pursue the same path that has led to this destruction. They have neither repented nor carefully considered the truth of affairs. In Sudan those upon this way have repeatedly physically attacked those who proceed upon the path of the Salaf in their masjids while they are only engaged in worshiping Allaah, slaughtering them in prayer. And they have a specific plan as we have read in their objectives in regard to these countries and others. But Allaah thwarted their plans and designs.

Yet they refuse to turn away from these plans, not from any prudent caution regarding the results, nor even out of any mercy towards the Muslims. And the reality of their position, is that they hold that the present day Muslim societies have disbelieved and left Islaam and that it is obligatory to launch a jihaad against them from that land which they have in their view come to name the land of Islaam, while these other lands in their belief are the lands of war.

This organization is an affliction upon the Ummah, and what an affliction it is! So we ask Allaah, the Blessed and the Most High, to guide them and return them to the truth of the methodology of the first generations or to free the Muslims from their evil. As some of them have declared the Salafees as disbelievers, and accused them of only being servants for the governments and accuse them of only being a devised weapon which did not even originate from within the Ummah. 

Their Alliances and Intrigues

The Muslim brotherhood organization has contributed significantly to the present day ruin of this Ummah, the destruction of its young men, and it being put back generations. And by Allaah, if they had proceeded forward upon the methodology and call of the first righteous generations the world would now be illuminated by this call to the way of the Salaf. If only they had left the arena for those advancing the call to the way of the first generations in Afghanistan! Then the state of the Afghanee people would not be the present condition they are unfortunately experiencing now. They have entered into alliances with the Communists, the Raafidhah, and others of misguidance, establishing that methodology which originated from the Muslim Brotherhood. Such that tribulations came from the south driven towards them by those upon the way of the Muslim Brotherhood, and approached from the north driven by those upon the way of Muslim Brotherhood. While simultaneously directing blame, slander, and defamation, and more all towards those upon the path of the first three generations.

And how many difficulties did these people create, and what incredible damage we see come from the likes of them! I have not seen a more sinful or more unjust Muslim people than these individuals from this organization. Indeed it has been narrated to us by individuals who are trustworthy that even Saeed Hawaa stated about the Muslim Brotherhood, By Allaah, if the intelligence agencies of America, and the Russians, and the Israeli Mossad were to gather together in order to destroy and spoil the reputation of an individual they would not be able to achieve this to the degree what the Muslim Brotherhood organization can achieve.

Therefore we direct our call toward those misguided youth who have been deceived by them. Are you now able to perceive their reality? Do you not realize and understand the truth regarding them? Have you now woken up and prepared yourselves to truly return to Allaah, and return to the true religion of Allaah? Wipe your hands clean of these people of treachery who have betrayed Islam and betrayed the Muslims and have caused the devastation of Islaam and the Muslims since the time that they first established their call until this very day!

Their pledge is a commitment to a way of devastation, intrigues, destruction, ruin, and the obstruction of progress for the Muslims. Presently they attempt to provoke Russia. They came and seized some control over the Chechen people who had fought and struggled until they had established a state. So they came and said, Pull down this state, it is like a house not even fit to be burned. Such that the people pulled down that house and they are now wretched people again, living in a state almost like wildlife in the forest. If they had left them they may have continued developing religiously, morally, materially, and so on. But they, meaning those upon the way of the Muslim Brotherhood, could not turn away from the opportunity to incite and urge them further. And so they handed Russia a new opening and opportunity and the Russians proceeded to again ruin the people and their land.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization throughout the world has engaged in misguided acts such as praying in churches with the Jews and Christians and advocating the support of the actions of the American government and similar alliances. So where are your statements condemning all of this?? But the Salafees throughout the world do not engage in these types of actions undertaken by the Muslim Brotherhood organization. So what then is the cause, what is the reason for this continual struggle waged against the Salafees which is more significant than what you direct against the American government and the western nations?!? It is seen with tremendous regret that it is a scheme, a plot, and simply playing with people’s minds. So my brothers, content yourselves with the extent of what we have discussed in this regard. 2

“…Look at the situation in Afghanistan. They had become freed of the revolutionaries, Communists, and from the Russian military. But when power came into the hands of those upon the methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, then every slogan that they used to cry out with before simply evaporated, such that they neither truly ruled by what Allaah revealed, nor brought forth any law and order nor any peace or security. As they had no firm clear beliefs nor a sound and true methodology. So this issue rose up among them, and conflicts started to emerge between them, until this government upon the methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood collapsed, and the Taliban successfully took control of the country.

….Meanwhile those upon the way of the Muslim Brotherhood organization had previously turned for help to the Communists and the corrupt Raafidhah in order to bring down the Taliban government, but Allaah, the Blessed and the Most High, made them unsuccessful. But later America came in and attacked the Taliban government. Such that the present situation in Afghanistan is that after that long lengthy jihaad, after the spending of extensive wealth of the Muslims, and all the loss the life of many of the Ummahs young men, may Allaah bless you all- the final result is only that they have only returned to having a new or different conquering colonial power. Where are the results of their victory over their enemies?? Little or nothing remains now.

Everywhere in the Muslim world the slogan is raised, Jihaad! Jihaad! Jihaad! Jihaad. But look at those spoils of war that the people upon this methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood organization gain, by Allaah, it only comes from the wealth in the pockets of the Muslims, not from that in the pockets of the enemies! They take their spoils by making material profits from the pockets of the Muslims, while easily spilling the blood of the young sons of the Ummah. While their military planners, meaning those of the Jewish state, reduce and demobilize their forces- rejoicing- and mock this Muslim Ummah due to its weakness. After this very long period of time, more than seventy years, and this Ummah has not overcome its state of heedlessness, nor benefited from the various ordeals it has gone through and suffered, nor has learned from its experience. Still today, those renegades are raising this empty call of jihaad and are playing with our young men and exploiting them; these individuals who have no sound beliefs, no correct methodology, nor any jihaad of substance, they have nothing.

It Is Upon You

Therefore it is upon you, my brothers, that you educate and cultivate yourselves upon the correct beliefs based upon the foundation of worshiping Allaah alone. Meaning the worshiping of Allaah alone, through authentic knowledge of His names and attributes, through worshiping Him without any partners, and affirming His Lordship over all of creation- based upon the guidance of the Book of Allaah and Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah, and the methodology of the righteous predecessors, cultivating yourselves upon having good character, cultivating yourselves upon faith in Allaah, and striving to have noble character. You must cultivate yourselves upon all of this, may Allaah bless you all, taking your methods and means of jihaad from the Book of Allaah, and from the Sunnah of Messenger of Allaah, may Allaahs praise and salutations be upon him. As well as taking the proper goals and objectives of jihaad from the Book of Allaah, and from the Sunnah of Messenger of Allaah, may Allaahs praise and salutations be upon him. Not undertaking it as the Communists undertake their struggle, nor undertaking it by subterfuge and infiltration as the Masons so, not by the means of those who proceed upon the way of making separate organizations and groups, nor upon the way of the corrupt sects of falsehood, may Allaah bless you all. As such individuals are merely occupied and concerned with political maneuvering and ruling. Such as Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Khaaliq who is from those raising up the flag of the way of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, and has repeatedly attacked the way of the first generations.

Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Khaaliq is the ideological leader of the organization Jameeyat Ihya at-Turaath, the one who directed them and cultivated their way and path. He has cultivated this organization upon the methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, may Allaah bless you all, and he struggles against the methodology of the Salaf in a crafty and cunning way, exploiting the label of following the Salafee path. He strives against it by attempting to pull down its scholars and ruin their reputations.

Consequently, now the thinking and ideas of this organization today are basically the same as the Muslim Brotherhood organization which has spread in Palestine and elsewhere. So take a warning about these individuals. As they, by Allaah, are the most dangerous affair facing the success of way of the first generations. And perhaps you will find that the Jews and Communists that confront you brothers in this land, do not fight against the methodology of first generations as severely as these people who attribute themselves to the methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood organization. Because they, those who accept and proceed upon the devised methodology of this organization, have begun to nurse and foster clear opposition to the Salafee way, and they have absorbed within themselves different forms of malice and maliciousness, political maneuvering, as well as a party character and perspective taken from the West.

A Thin Outer Garment Of Islaam

They have dressed all of this in a thin outer garment of Islaam by putting forth the concepts of Islamic Socialism, Islamic Democracy, and Islamic Freedom, all concepts that they have adopted from the disbelieving west. They spread these ideological concepts held high by America and other nations in the name of Islaam. They outwardly claim that they oppose and fight America yet they actually serve it through propagating these concepts. This is what we have recognized as their basic orientation and tendency, may Allaah bless you all. Due to which we see that many of their ideological leaders choose to live in western countries, and work founding schools. While if they actually stood upon pure true Islaam they would not be able to undertake anything of this sort in those western countries, and would not be able to undertake these things.

So do not be deceived by their different dazzling and glittering slogans, but cling to the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may Allaahs praise and salutations be upon him3





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  3. Source: Sahab internet forum : From a sitting in during the month of Ramadhaan, the seventh day, in the year 1422 (corresponding to the date November 23 in the year 2001)

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