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What are those important causes which assist the student of knowledge to…

...become steadfast upon this path of the Salaf and to remain so despite trials


Sheikh Rabee’a Ibn Haadee, may Allaah preserve him, in response to a question said,

‘In the name of Allaah. From the most significant causes is that an individual be aware and realize that he is in significant and in constant need of Allaah. That he indeed stands in need of Him in every moment of his life. Therefore he should ask Allaah to make him steadfast, and supplicate to Allaah with that which the Messenger of Allaah, upon him be Allaah’s praise and salutations, taught us: { Oh Turner of the Hearts, make my heart steadfast upon Your religion. } The Companions said to him, “Oh Messenger of Allaah, you make this supplication very often. Are you afraid for us?” He replied, { Indeed, as the hearts of the people are between the two fingers from the fingers of the Most Merciful and He turns then as He wills.}

As such the worshipper of Allaah must take notice of himself, and seek the protection of Allaah, the Blessed and the Most High. He should not be deluded and deceived by the knowledge that he possesses. As conceit and vanity due to one’s knowledge and one’s extensive study will push him into suffering and misfortune. And we seek refuge with Allaah, and ask that we be made far from every misfortune. This is what happened to La’am Ibn Babura’ and befalls many from among the people…’

(From a transcribed lecture ‘Nothing Will Liberate Palestine Except that Which Liberated it The First Time’ taken from 1 


  From ’30 Days of Guidance: Learning Fundamental Principles of Islaam’  


  1.  Translated by Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi 

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