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Slaves To Allah Or Slaves To Your Own Desires?



Source: Sheikh Saalih ibn al-‘Uthaymeen

In part of his explanation of a poem of Imam ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sa’di, Sheikh Saalih ibn al-‘Uthaymeen wrote:



والحكمة من أن الله تعالى جعل بعض الأحكام علّتها معلومة وبعضها غير معلومة، هي الابتلاء والامتحان في كون الإنسان عابداً لله أو عابداً لهواه، لأنه إذا كان عابداً لهواه ولم يعرف علّة الحكم لم يستسلم، وإذا كان عابداً لله استسلم لحكم الله، سواء علم بالعلّة أم لم يعلم. فأحكام الله عزّ وجل كلها معلّلة.



“The wisdom in Allah making some of the reasons for legislative rulings known and others of them unknown is that this is a trial and a test as to whether people are slaves to Allah or slaves to their own desires. For if one is a slave to his own desires and he does not know the reason for a legislative ruling, then he will not submit to it.


But if one is a slave to Allah, then he will submit to the legislative rulings of Allah whether he knows the reason for the rulings or not. For the legislative rulings of Allah all have reasons behind them.”





  1. From Sharh Manthumah al-Qawaa’id al-Fiqhiyyah – under line 32

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