The Muslim Woman’s Herbal Primer [4 Month Course]



The Muslim Woman’s Herbal Primer:

Herbs, Health and Healing Based Upon Prophetic, Arab, and Western Traditions

Teacher: Umm Mujaahid Khadijah Bint Lacina

Cost: $200.00 for the entire four month course. Correct discounted price will show in the cart before checkout.

Must meet a minimum number of students for the class to be held. If minimum is not met, your money will be refunded. Insh’Allaah spread the word!

Students already enrolled in my Arabic classes can receive a 15% discount

COURSES SESSIONS: (past and present):

SESSION 1: [PREVIOUS] January 10-June 5/2016‎

This course consisted of a weekly class ( Saturday) lasting at least an hour and a half.

SESSION 2: [UPCOMING 1438-2017] September 23

This course consisted of a weekly class on Saturdays from 11:00 am CST to 12:30 am CST

This four month course for women only is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the use of herbs for health and healing. From the matters it will address are:

Background of Prophetic Medicine

Background of Western Herbal Medicine

Herbal Properties and Energetics

Beginning to Build your Materia Medica

Growing, Harvesting and Storing Herbs

Buying Herbs

Herbal Preparations

Traditional Use of Herbs to Treat Specific Conditions (with recipes)

Advice for Healthy Living

First Aid/In the Kitchen

The class will meet once a week for one and a half hours. We will also set up a moderated forum through Pinterest in which students may discuss class materials and assignments and share information. Students will receive informational handouts as part of the course materials.

A personalized pdf certificate of completion will be downloadable for each student at the end of the course inshAllaah.


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