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A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn his Religion (4): Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Saaleh al-‘Utheimeen



A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn His Religion (4):
Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Saaleh al-‘Utheimeen

Statements of the Guiding Scholars Pocket Edition 4

Translated & Compiled By Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi al-Amreekee

[Available: NOW¦ pages: 140+ ¦ Size: 5×8 soft cover ]



Table of Contents
Introduction of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullah al-Imaam  (for original publication)
Compiler’s Introduction (Pocket Edition)

(1) Question: The revival of Islaam that we are witnessing: is it simply a reaction to the present societal corruption and far from Allaah’s true way, as some have portrayed it? Or is it based and well-founded upon that which will produce true results, if Allaah wills?  
(2) Questions regarding the terms “Islamic thought” and “freedom of thought’”  
(3) Questions: Indeed, Allaah hears our supplications, may Allaah bless you. A listener from Pakistan says, “Esteemed Sheikh, please inform us about the concept of ‘ijtihaad’, and the concept of ‘taqleed’. What is meant by ‘taqleed’ and what is meant by ‘ijtihaad’? Was the practice of ‘taqleed’ present in the age of the Companions and the generation after them, that of the Successors to the Companions? Did the some of them make ‘taqleed’ of others from among them in Sharee’ah rulings or not?’  
(4) Who are the people who truly fear Allaah?  
(5) Question: I want to seek Sharee’ah knowledge and begin studying; however I don’t know how to begin. What do you advise me in this regard?  
(6) Question: With what do you advise the one who wants to seek Sharee’ah knowledge but he lives far away from the scholars, considering however, that he has a collection of books containing both complete books as well as summarized books?  
(7) Question: With what do you advise the one who begins seeking knowledge when he is older in age? Additionally, if is it not easy for him to take knowledge from and sit often with a scholar, will he benefit from seeking knowledge without a scholar?  
(8) Question: What is the best way to acquire authentic Sharee’ah knowledge in light of the conditions of the age we find ourselves in?  
(9) Question: What characteristics should be found within the one whom you wish to take knowledge from?.
(10) Question: Are audio cassettes considered a method from the methods of acquiring knowledge? And what ways, for example, can we benefit from them?  
(11) Question: I am a young man who wants to be a caller to Allaah, but I do not possess the proper manners necessary for this. Is the publishing and distribution of beneficial Islamic books or an Islamic tapes sufficient for this? Please advise me, may Allaah reward you with good.  
(12) Question: Esteemed sheikh, the Muslim Ummah is being targeted by its enemies, such that they charge at us from every direction. The latest evil they have directed towards us- and it is the most dangerous of their evils in my opinion- is what is known as the “internet” which attacks our very households. Indeed, internet cafes have opened which are used by both children as well as young men who are not yet reached maturity. Likewise it has been announced that they will open similar ones for women! So what is your advice for us in how we use the internet? Additionally, what is the ruling regarding opening these internet cafes, when the majority of what we see in them are various types of corruption?  
(13) Question: What is your esteemed view of the one who avoids reading the books of the modern day callers, holding that to restrict themselves to the books of the first three generations is preferred, and so they take their methodology from such books? So is this perspective correct, or is combining the books of the first three generations, may Allaah have mercy upon them, along with the books of modern day callers and thinkers or writers? 
(14) Question: Does an individual have an excuse for neglecting the seeking of knowledge because they are busy with educational studies which are not related to Sharee’ah knowledge, or due to having to work, or because of other reasons?  
(15) Question: Is it permissible for someone to leave working in order to devote himself to seeking knowledge, thus becoming a burden upon his father and his brother?  
(16) Seeking Knowledge and Jihaad in Path of Allaah  
(17) Question: Is it permissible to learn the religion solely from books without the scholars, specifically in the situation where it is difficult to learn from the scholars because of their scarcity? In addition, what is your view regarding the one who says, “The one whose teacher is his book his errors are greater than that which he is correct in?”  
(18) Benefits of Studying Books with a Guiding Scholar  
(19) Question: What are the books you recommend for the beginner in seeking knowledge, and specifically in the subject of correct beliefs?  
(20) Gathering Beneficial Books for your Library  
(21) A Question Regarding the Book ‘Fiqh as-Sunnah’.  
(22) Question: What is your advice, may Allaah preserve you, to one who advises the youth, or some of the youth, to read some of the books which contain errors in belief or methodology? However, they don’t clearly explain that they contain mistakes, but only recommend reading them.  
(23) Question: What is the correct way to seek knowledge? Is it to memorize the texts of the different Sharee’ah sciences, or simply to understand them without memorization? We hope for your guidance regarding this, may Allaah the Exalted preserve you.  
(24) Question: Many students of knowledge are concerned with memorizing the Qur’aan and hadeeth narrations related to rulings but neglect the knowledge of “usul al-fiqh.” They believe what they have memorized from the Qur’aan and hadeeth is enough, despite the fact that knowledge of “usul al-fiqh” is the branch of knowledge which explains how to correctly understand these source texts. So we hope for your guidance, Esteemed Sheikh, concerning this issue.  
(25) Question: What is your advice to the one who forgets what they have read or studied?  
(26) Preserving Knowledge by Means of Writing it Down  


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