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A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn his Religion (8): Sheikh as-Sa’adee & Sheikh al-Albaanee



A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn His Religion (8):
Sheikh as-Sa’adee & Sheikh al-Albaanee

Statements of the Guiding Scholars Pocket Edition 8

Translated & Compiled By Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi al-Amreekee

[Available: NOW¦ pages: 140+ ¦ Size: 5×8 soft cover ]



Table of Contents
Introduction of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullah al-Imaam  (for original publication)
Compiler’s Introduction (Pocket Edition)

Part 1: Sheikh ‘Abdur-Rahman Ibn Naasir as-Sa’adee. 
(1) Explanation of a Tremendous Hadeeth 
(2) The Prophet Sought Refuge from Knowledge which does not Benefit& Knowledge is of Two Types. 
(3) I was asked by one of the people of knowledge, “What is my obligation in regard to my behavior with the scholars of Najd . 
(4) Regarding the Right of the People of Knowledge . 
(5) The Way of the People of the Sunnah and the Jama’ah in Relation to Knowledge and Deeds  
(6) Question: What are the proper manners for the scholar and the student to acquire and be molded by? 
(7) A Basic Summary of the Behavior and Manners of Scholars and Students 
(8) The Types of Knowledge-Related Benefits from Studies of Knowledge. The benefits which gain from studying the various areas of knowledge are of two types . 


Part 2: Sheikh Muhammad Naaseeruddeen al-Albaanee. 

(1) Question: May Allaah reward you with good. In Imaam Shaatibee’s book ‘al-Muwaafiqaat’ he has the following statement. He says, “The ruling given by the scholar in relation to the common person who is aware of it, is like or has the similar standing of the evidence which is known to the scholar who is capable of deriving independent rulings from the sources, meaning it must be followed.’ So we need a clarification of this statement. Is the common person sinning if he deliberately differs from the ruling given to him by a leading scholar, just as it is known that a scholar is considered to have transgressed if he contradicts the clear evidence from the sources which he is aware of?. 
(2) The Sole Remedy is returning to the True Religion. 
(3) Question: Oh our sheikh, if I have heard from you a response to a specific question directed to you, and at a later time someone asks me this same question. So I answer him knowing that I personally do not possess the knowledge sufficient to answer him, but I answer him based upon your previous answer to this same question or I give the answer of one of the scholars, in doing so have I done anything wrong or sinful? 
(4) Question: What do you say regarding the student of knowledge authoring works early on in his studies? Is it true that this sharpens the intellect of the student of knowledge? 
(5) Question: Our sheikh, we have heard that there are, among those women who are present in some of the universities, schools, colleges, or who attend lectures- meaning those who are giving importance to such lectures, lessons or even those attending telephone lectures specifically held in the morning- we have heard that the husbands of these women are not at all pleased or satisfied with them because they are acting similar to men in these undertakings. We need a clarification from you regarding the subject of this question. 
(6) Question: What is the ideal example of calling to Allaah by women? 
(7) Question: Which books do you advise the developing youth to use in knowledge-based endeavors of his life? 
(8) Question: Is it permissible for book publishers to sell newspapers or magazines in which there are indecent pictures, which convey false stories, and which praise the hypocrites and wrong-doers? Moreover, is it permissible for them to print books that contain beliefs, concepts and understandings that do not agree with the way of the first three generations of Islaam, in order to facilitate the publication of its publications related to the methodology of the first three generations of Muslims? 







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