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A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn his Religion (5): Sheikh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullah Ibn Baaz



A Treasury of Guidance For the Muslim Striving to Learn His Religion (5):
Sheikh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullah Ibn Baaz

Statements of the Guiding Scholars Pocket Edition 5

Translated & Compiled By Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi al-Amreekee

[Available: NOW¦ pages: 140+ ¦ Size: 5×8 soft cover ]



Table of Contents
Introduction of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullah al-Imaam  (for original publication)
Compiler’s Introduction (Pocket Edition)

(1) To the Youth who are Part of Today’s Revival of Islaam. 
(2) Question: There is spreading throughout the Muslim world a blessed Islamic revival which all Muslims welcome and are pleased with. However,we see that this revival does not place sufficient concern and emphasis on the correct understanding of Sharee’ah matters, nor upon the fundamentals of the correct beliefs of Islaam. What is your advice, esteemed scholar, in relation to this revival? 
(3) Questions: We would like you to explain the meaning of Allaah’s statement, ﴾Verily those who fear and have reverence of Allaah the most from His worshipers are the scholars﴿ 
(4) The Reasons for the Weakness of the Muslims in the Face of their Enemies and the Means to Cure This 
(5) Question: What is your view of the saying found on the tongues of many students of knowledge that, “The one whose teacher is his book, his errors are greater that which he is correct in”. 
(6) Question: Some people hold the view that it is necessary that efforts of calling to Allaah only be in the masjids. What is your position regarding this? And which environments and methods are acceptable in the issue of calling to Allaah? 
(7) The Ideological War: Its Characteristics, Methods and the Required Response to It. 
(8) Question: Some of those who call to Allaah avoid utilizing various types of media because of their rejection of any government controlled newspaper or reject working a magazine which generally relies upon sensational articles to increase their circulation among the people. So what is your esteemed view regarding this? 
(9) Question: Clearly, bringing guidance to the people is the result of spreading Sharee’ah knowledge among them, however we see that falsehood is more widely spread over most newspapers and the various types of media, as well as within the education methodologies and curriculums. So what is the position of the scholar and the caller to Allaah regarding this? 
(10) Question: The youth involved in the revival of Islaam are commonly accused of extremism and “fundamentalism” in some of the various media sources. What is your esteemed view of this? 
(11) Question: It is well known how much good the Islamic recording distributors have accomplished in the present time and their important role in guiding the people. However some people of evil intent attempt to distort the reputation and state that they are only engaged in making money and other statements that malign them. I hope that, esteemed sheikh, your would clarify this important issue for the people, to protect them from the deceptions of the ones who don’t have insight into matters 
(12) Question: The statement has spread among the students of knowledge especially in the colleges and institutions of knowledge that: [Knowledge has left with the passing of the people of knowledge, and those who now study in the institutions of knowledge do so only for the purpose of obtaining degrees or the benefitting in this world]. So what is the response to them? Additionally, what is the ruling of combining the intention for a worldly benefit or receiving a diploma along with one’s intention to seek knowledge to benefit oneself and one’s society? 
(13) Question: What do you say regarding women and calling to Allaah?  
(14) Question: I have left my studies and my mother is not pleased with this. Am I a wrongdoer due to this?
(15) Question: We find that some of the common people and The students of knowledge make statements regarding Sharee’ah issues, while not being from the people possessing knowledge of these matters. Then their misguided statements spread among the general people and circulate among them. We need from you, our esteemed scholar, a clarification regarding this issue, so by Allaah what is your view of this? 
(16) Question: It is commonly said among some of the people that the one who does not have a scholar, Shaytaan is his scholar. So what is your guidance for them, Esteemed Sheikh? 
(17) Gaining Knowledge of Good and Evil is Achieved Through Studying 
(18) Question: I am a student in an institute. I am twenty one years old, and from the blessings of Allaah upon me are faith in Allaah and the decision to reject that which I previously held, and I have abandoned these affairs and I ask Allaah’s forgiveness. What is the best path for me to be guided to? May Allaah bless you with good 
(19) Explanation of some of the matters and books which are important for calling to Allaah 
(20) Unity, Adherence to the Religion, and their Requirements: In discussing what was written by someone, it was mentioned to
Sheikh Ibn Baaz that in his fourth article this person called to giving priority to attaining unity between the different Muslim groups and in cooperation upon jihad against the enemies of Islam. He also mentioned that this is not the time to criticize those who adhere to a specific school of fiqh with bigotry, or the sect of the ‘Asharees, or the group known as “The Muslim Brotherhood,” or even the followers of Sufism 
(21) Question: Please guide me to the way that will assist me in memorizing the Book of Allaah 
(22) Question: What is the ruling of the one who recites Qur’aan but makes mistakes in the pronunciation of short vowels? Will he be rewarded for such a recitation? 
(23) Question: I have often memorized verses of the Noble Qur’aan; however after some time passes I forget what I memorized. Similarly, when I recite I am not sure whether my recitation is correct or not. Afterward I discover that I indeed made mistakes in my recitation. So kindly offer me guidance regarding this 


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