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Fasting from Alif to Yaa: A Day by Day Guide to Making the Most of Ramadhaan [softcover]


Newly revised. Get the most out of your Ramadhaan with this book aimed at the entire Muslim family. Points of benefit, the fiqh of fasting, rulings, recipes, stories of the prophets, activities are all included.


Fasting: From Alif to Yaa

Compiled and translated by:
Umm Mujaahid Khadijah Bint Lacina

Umm Usaamah Sukhailah Bint-Khalil

Abu Hamza Hudhaifah Ibn-Khalil

[Available: NOW ¦ pages: 280+ ¦ Size: 7.44″ x 9.69″ ]



This work about the blessed month of Ramadhaan contains daily points of benefit to teach one how to live Islaam as a way of life. Plus, it contains:

stories of the Prophets and Messengers including

activities for the whole family to enjoy and benefit from for each day of Ramadhaan.

Some of the Prophets and Messengers covered include

  • Aadam,
  • Ibraaheem,
  • Lut,
  • Yusuf,
  • Sulaymaan,
  • Shu’ayb,
  • Moosa,
  • Zakariyyah,
  • Muhammad, and more!

Additionally it has recipes for foods enjoyed by Muslims around the world.


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