Course: From Cage to Castle: The Role of the Muslim Woman in the Home


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This four month course, taught by Umm Mujaahid, is based on Sheikh Saalih al-Fauzaan’s “The Role of the Woman in Raising and Educating the Family” as translated by her in “My Home, My Path: A Comprehensive Book for Today’s Muslim Woman Discussing Her Essential Role and Contribution to the Establishment of Islaam.” Umm Mujaahid will also be adding supplementary material in order to fully cover the topics discussed in Sheikh Fauzaan’s speech.

COURSES SESSIONS: (past and present):

SESSION 1: [ACTIVE] SEP 2016 – FEB 2017

This course consisted of a weekly class with two active sessions at the same time ( a Saturday class and a Sunday class) lasting at least an hour and a half. Classes were held at 11am CST in the respective day.

Topics will include:

Introductory Lessons in:

1: The Role of the Woman in the Family and Household: An Overview

2: Definition of “Family”

The Work of the Woman Inside her Home:

1: Worship of Allaah

2: Role of the Wife in a Successful Marriage

  • Islamic Guidelines
  • Emotional Support
  • Partnership
  • Physical Aspects of Marriage

3: Housework

  • Cooking (with nutrition guidelines and healthy recipe ideas)
  • Cleaning (with ideas and recipes for natural cleaning products and processes)
  • Simplicity and Design

4: Time Management

5: Financial Management

6: Raising and Educating the Children

  • Islamic Guidelines
  • Homeschooling Primer
  • Health and Herbal Primer
  • Emotional Care of the Child

7: Self Care

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Making Time for Yourself

8: Miscellaneous

  • Working Inside and Outside the Home for Financial Purposes
  • Sustainable Living

This course will last four months, and consists of a weekly class lasting at least an hour and a half. The course begins Saturday October 1, 2016. Class time will be 11:00 am CST.

Cost for the class is $250.00,  to be paid in full before the commencement of classes.


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