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Sheikh Muqbil’s Advice to the Youth of Islaam (Part 1 of 4)

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Sheikh Muqbil's Advice to the Youth of Islaam

Source: Sheikh Muqbil ibn Hadee al-Waada’ee 1 


What is considered the present Islaamic revival in this age should in reality be considered a sign from the signs or proofs of the Messenger’s prophethood, as the conditions of our age had weakened the effort of those who truly call to Allaah. And from the affairs, in the recent past, which have harmed and greatly diminished the efforts towards implementing Islaam are:

1-Wars and internal conflicts among the Muslims within their lands.

2-The neglect of the rulers of the Muslims to give priority and true importance to Islaam.

3-The occupation of many of the scholars and the Muslims towards the worldly gains; and their preoccupation with it rather than true concern for knowledge and teaching.

4- Dangerous ideologies from the enemies of Islaam directed towards us, which turn people away from the religion and belittle those who hold steadfastly to it, saying that they are people who wish to return to the past and are backwards. And Allaah Alone frustrated their aspirations and made their deceptions and plans ineffective and fruitless.


For the hearts of the Muslims are accepting and turning toward Islaam and affirming the guidance of our Prophet Muhammad, may Allaah’s praise and His salutations be upon him and upon his family. In view of this one may recall that which is narrated by Imaam al-Bukharee where he said, Abdullah ibn Abee al-Aswad narrated to us, that Yahya informed us from Isma’eel, that Qais narrated to us that he heard al-Mugheerah ibn Shu’ba say: I heard the Messenger of Allaah (upon him and his family be Allaah’s praises and the best of salutations) say, {A group of my Ummah will remain predominant (victorious) until Allaah’s Order (the Hour) comes upon them while they are still predominant (victorious). }- 2 


And Imaam al-Bukharee, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said, al-Humaidee narrated to us, that al-Waleed narrated to us, saying: Ibn Jaabir narrrated to me saying, Umair ibn Haanee narrated to me that he heard Muawiyah say: I heard the Prophet (upon him and his family be Allaah’s praises and the best of salutations) saying, {A group of my Ummah will keep on following Allaah’s Laws strictly and they will not be harmed by those who will abandon them nor by those who stand against them until Allaah’s Order (The Hour) will come while they will be in that state… }- 3 

Umair said: Maalik ibn Yukhamer said: Muadh said: And they are in Shaam. And Muawiyah said: Maalik claims that he heard Muadh say: They are in Shaam (the land directly north of the Arabian Peninsula).

This hadeeth is also narrated by Imaam Muslim and narrated from a group of the Companions, may Allaah be pleased with them. From them is Imraan ibn Husein, whose narration is found in the collection “Sunan Abu Dawud”, with a chain of narration that conforms with the conditions of Imaam Muslim, as well as the narrations of Thawbaan, Jaabir ibn Samara, Jaabir ibn Abdullah, Abdullah ibn Amr ibn ‘Aas found in “Saheeh Muslim”. Also the hadeeth of Qirat ibn Eyaas in “Sunan at-Tirmidhee” regarding which Imaam Tirmidhee says, “This hadeeth is hasan saheeh”. And from them is the narration of Salama ibn Nufeel as-Sakuunee found in the Musnad of Imaam Ahmad and the book “at-Tareekh” of Imaam al-Bukharee. I have mentioned these in their entirety with their chains of narration in my book As-Saheeh al-Musnad min ad-Dalail an-Nabuwwa and all praise is due to Allaah. As for my advice to the youth of the Islaamic revival than I have mentioned that within my book, al-Makhraaj min al-Fitnah, and I will summarize it here and supplement it as is necessary…

[To be continued in parts 2, 3, & 4 inshAllaah]



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  1. Rasool Aziz says

    Is the advice and guidance of shaykh muqbil a book? If so I can’t pull it up. Please send me the name of books and cost by the shaykh please

    1. Abu Sukhailah says

      These are taken from specific advice are found within his book:

      You can find the various books with the selected words of the different scholars for purchase here:

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