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Taalib al-Ilm Educational Resources was established in 2012 to contribute to the many knowledge based efforts enabling Muslim individuals, families, and communities to learn Islaam and live Islaam. We offer printed books, online courses, seminars, and other digital resources worldwide.

Our main Website is this one:

Our business phone number is:
(570) 245-1000 (for any message please leave name, your message, phone, and additional contact method if possible)

Our customer service email is:

To learn more about us please visit our social media:

Our Address related to legal business is:
901 Wolf House Hollow Rd. PA 17814

Our P.O. Box for written correspondence is:
Taalib al-Ilm Educational Resources
P.O.Box 27
Benton, PA 17814

Comments 4

  1. Assalamu alaykum wa’rahmatullahi wa’barakatahu,

    Our bookstore would like to order several of your publications in wholesale. Would you please advise us on how to do this, wholesale/reseller rates, and other pertinent information? We can pay via check, credit card, Paypal, etc.

    • Abu Sukhailah says:

      Wa aleikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Brother Adnan we have sent you an email with the requested information on how our distributors place orders with us. JazakAllahu khair.

  2. Carla Hastings says:

    Will you be offering any online classes for sisters in the future?

    • Abu Sukhailah says:

      We ask Allaah, the Most High, to make that easy for us. InshAllaah you will be able to see any updates about sister’s classes here as well as on the Facebook page.

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