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New Whispers of Paradise Journal for [1439/2018]: A Muslim Woman’s Life Journal


A Women’s’ Islamic Daily Journal Which Encourages Reflection & Rectification

Collected and Edited by Taalib al-Ilm Educational Resources Development Staff

[Available: Now ¦ price: (Soft cover) $25 ]
[New elegantly designed edition is for the year 1439 / 2018]‎

New Whispers of Paradise (1): A Muslim Woman’s Life Journal [2018]
New Whispers of Paradise (1): A Muslim Woman’s Life Journal [2018]

Abu Alee ath-Thaqafee said: Abu Hafs used to say:
The one who does not each moment weigh his situation and ‎condition
against the scale of the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah,
and does not question his very footsteps,
then he is not ‎to be considered worthy.” ‎
‎(Seyaar ‘Alaam an-Nubala: vol. 12, page 512)‎

Publishers Introduction
‎12 Monthly calendar pages with beneficial quotations from Ibn Qayyim
Daily journal page based upon Islamic calendar (with corresponding C.E. dates) ‎

Each daily journal page starts with one of the following:‎

‎-A Verse from the Noble Qur’an
‎-An Authentic Narration of the Messenger of Allaah
‎-An Authentic Supplication
‎-A Beneficial Point from a Biography of the
Early Generations
‎-A Beneficial Statement from One of the
Well Known Scholars, Past or Present

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