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Installment Payments (3) for 30 Days of Guidance Sister’s Course


In response  to requests by several sisters that we offer the same payment plan that was offered for previous courses,  we have now set up a separate payment for those who wish to enroll in the course but for whom three payments is easier that a single one for the four month course.

The class date has been pushed back to: MAR 4, 2017- to ensure everyone gets their books in time. If you have enrolled in the class please send us an email in the next few days confirming your shipping address for the book and workbook. The final enrollment date will the Feb. 15th, so that books can be sent out to the confirmed addresses. BarakAllaahu feekum.

That enrollement can be found here inshAllaah:

If there is a problem with that link please write us at

BarakAllaahu feekum.


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