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Beneficial Advice for Striving Muslims in the Western countries


Source: Sheikh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabaree

All praise is due to Allaah alone, may the praise and salutation be upon the messenger of Allaah.

Recently we read the following advice and response to a question from the noble Sheikh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabaree, may Allaah protect him and lengthen his life, and felt strongly that it was something truly beneficial for the Muslims in the west, a jewel that every striving Muslim should take notice of.


“The question which is from France, the questioner asks: May Allaah bless you with good, in regard to the one who is far from the scholars and wishes to seek religious knowledge but it is difficult for him to travel for the purpose, but at the same time he struggles diligently to attend those live broadcasts of the scholars directly, and he devotes himself to listening to their recorded lectures, and remaining connected to them- is he called a “student of knowledge”, and is it possible for him to benefit the people?



This is excellent, certainly you have worked hard and struggled in these efforts, and this is good as long as the situation remains as you have mentioned. And what is apparent to me about the condition of the questioner is that he does not have the ability to travel to take knowledge directly from the scholars, either because of his region being far away, or having to work significantly to support himself and the members of his household who rely upon him. Yet even in this situation we say that to the degree of his ability, if he can he should, even one time a year, travel for a specific number of days to a steadfast scholar who is firm in knowledge, understanding- someone upon the Sunnah- and take from him whatever knowledge is easy for him. This is the first thing.

Secondly We advise you to continue upon those efforts to study that you mentioned, and to also benefit your brothers from what you comprehend and understand from the statements and writings of the people of knowledge, and by means of your calling the scholars, or by means of their audio lectures.

And be warned against delving into issues of knowledge related to scholastic differences, which even many of the scholars have fallen short of fully knowing. Yes.

And there is another matter, and it is the third thing I want to mention in my response to your question. If you are able, then gather whatever matters and issues that are difficult and that you are not able to answer, and call a scholar, one who is reliable, and ask these questions to him. Then convey his responses to those people who needed that answer or clarification. In this is something in which there is tremendous good.”






  1. We wanted to take the time to point out to brothers and sisters of two incredible resources on the internet for benefiting directly from the lectures live and recorded from many of the scholars of our age upon the Qur’aan and Sunnah, as understood by the first three generations, the Salaf as-Saaleh. Those scholars upon the way of the previous scholars who guided Muslims in every century. They are:  (related to -one of the best website available for the student of knowledge) and

    These websites are from among those which will inshAllaah help connect you directly to your scholars, and assist you in learning directly from your scholars especially for the many whose situation prevents them from traveling to the scholars. Connect yourselves to them through their mailings list and other means. And if further information is needed about them, please contact them or the scholars who work with them in their efforts to spread knowledge of the Sunnah. But do not overlook this tremendous blessing! And Allaah knows best. We ask Allaah the Most High for success for us and our Muslims brothers to learn and practice Islaam as Allaah wants from us.

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