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A Series of Mufassir Profiles: Profiles of Well-Known Qur’anic Commentators, Their Methodologies, & Their Works


The following is a compiled by our brother Khalil Klopfenstein, may Allaah reward him for this beneficial effort and contribution.  It is a series of Mufassir profiles of well-known Qur’anic commentators, discussing their methodologies, & their works in an easy to use reference.

Please benefit from it here:

Mufassir Profiles

InshAllaah, we will feature and link to a new profile weekly on his blog Tulayhah. This is an incredible resource for learning about some of the most important scholars related to the study and sciences of the Book of Allaah, as well as becoming aware of aspects of certain explanations which do not conform the the original beliefs and methodology of the Salaf of the Ummah.

The following scholars have been profiled:

al-Tabari (310Ah/932CE)
al-Tha’labi (427Ah/1035CE)
al-Baghawi (516Ah/1122CE)
al-Zamakhshari (538AH/1143CE)
ibn ‘Atiyyah (541AH/1146CE)
ibn al-Jawzi (597Ah/1201CE)
al-Razi (606Ah/1209CE)
al-Qurtubi (671Ah/1273CE)
al-Nasafi (710Ah/1310CE)
al-Khaazin (741Ah/1341CE)
Abu Hayyaan (745Ah/1344CE)
ibn Kathir (774Ah/1373CE)
al-Baydhawi (785Ah/1286CE)
al-Tha’aalabi (786Ah/1385CE)
al-Suyooti (911Ah/1505CE)
Abu Sa’ood (982Ah/1574CE)
al-Shawkaani (1250Ah/1839CE)
al-Aloosi (1270Ah/1854CE)
al-Sa’di (1376Ah/1956CE)
al-Shinqitee (1393Ah/1973 CE)
al-Tafsir al-Muyassar
al-Ashqar (1430Ah/2009CE)


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